All services you need to optimize your temporary income

For owners

We prepare his apartment to offer the best experience to its guests.
To welcome a guest is critical to generate good reviews. We have a 98 % of positive comments on our profile.
We manage all communication with guests, responding in a friendly tone at an average of no more than 5 minutes.
We have a team of professionals coming from the hotel.They know what they do and most importantly do it with love.
We provide the best quality sheets and towels to offer guests the feeling of sleep in the best bed in the world.
Permanently update your calendar , special offers and price depending on season and occupation giving greater visibility to your floor.
We treat your apartment as a product and plan a marketing strategy to get the best results.
We are next guest ALWAYS . If they need something they know that we can give him within hours.
Our team works to solve any problem at a competitive price and within hours. More information

For guests

For guests with children and they need someone trustworthy to look after them.
In restaurants, theaters, stadiums, discos, rent bikes, scooters, taxis, etc.
We can provide general information on what to do in Barcelona or hire a private guide
Everything guests need to make their purchases. From general information to hire a personal shopper.
Reservations dating hairdressers, manicurists, massage therapists, etc. Or send professionals to your apartment.
If there is anything else guests need, we are sure we can give them.

Extra services

We legalize their activities and advise the tax and for tax.
If you need a more comprehensive reform. We have a team that runs the best price. More information
Do you want to invest in an apartment to rent to tourists but do not know how or where ? We have a group of experts in charge of everything.
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